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Bridging Generation Gaps

Create. Innovate.

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Uniting Boomers & Millennials for Growth

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harness the power of Millennial engagement, through storytelling,
to fuel innovation and build a legacy of success
 E.R. CharlesKeynote Speaker,  Storyteller 
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Meet E.R. Charles

Within less than a year at a prestigious Big 4 firm, Elizabeth Charles made a surprising exit due to a misalignment of values.  In doing so she unwittingly joined the two in five Millennials who have rejected jobs that didn't align with their values.  Her experience exposed a fundamental conflict between the younger generations and the Baby Boomer generations running companies with high millenial turnover.


This conflict is heightened for women, minorities, and other underrepresented groups and even more so for those at the intersections. This realization sparked her mission to bridge the generational gap by educating organizations about Millennials and Gen Z values to create better working environments.  


Armed with a Master of Business Administration and a Master of Fine Arts from NYU, a Diversity and Inclusion Certificate from Cornell University, and Think Bigger innovation methodology training from Columbia University, Elizabeth is equipped to bring a unique and comprehensive perspective to this conversation. 


Her dynamic delivery draws from her near 20 years in media as a creative, employing her skills in radio, film, television, and other formats, to the tune of 20 million views,190 thousand listeners. 

She has spoken at prestigious affairs and institutions, including the MBA World Summit and the CUC Women in Energy Summit, in addition to events hosted by Harvard and Chapman University.


Elizabeth splits her time between New York and the Cayman Islands, living with her fluffy Bernedoodle. A self-proclaimed neuroscience and social economics nerd, curious to her core, Elizabeth’s love for learning keeps her creative thinking and insights fresh.

" change & innovate "
" engage your Millennial workforce "
" increase productivity "
" reap the benefits of diversity & collaboration"


Elevate Company Reputation

Boost Innovation & Creativity

Strengthen Leadership & Talent Retention

Enhance Productivity

Understand DEI Value

71% of Millennials are either not engaged or actively disengaged in their jobs. Embracing the values and work styles of Millennials and Gen Z is vital for success in today's competitive market. These generations represent over 60% of the global workforce, set to increase to 75% by 2025.

E.R. Charles, an accomplished Millenial speaker with an MBA, MFA, and diverse experience, helps companies bridge the generational gap.

By engaging with the principles spoken by E.R. Charles, your organization will:

Invest in understanding and effectively working with Millennial and Gen Z talent to secure a successful, innovative future for your business.


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Tales of Transformation

Mastering Storytelling to Elevate Your Business and Ignite Innovation

You can’t create change until you are willing to rebel against the predictable. This keynote is for companies that are ready to experience the unfamiliar, embrace the constancy of change and empower their employees to evolve. By introducing storytelling as a powerful tool to activate the three pillars of innovation; this presentation provides a compelling approach for reigniting growth, enhancing engagement, celebrating authenticity, and reducing bias. Attendees will learn how to harness the power of storytelling to inspire their teams, spark creative problem-solving, and drive sustainable success.

This keynote can be modified to cater more specifically to various audiences with increased attention in the following areas:

Senior executives, equity partners, and boards:

  • Focuses on accelerating growth and resisting stagnation

  • Emphasizes the importance of taking risks and being creative to drive innovation

  • Demonstrates how storytelling can be used to reduce bias and retain employees

  • Provides practical strategies for incorporating storytelling into decision-making processes

  • Provides incentives to increase collaboration, fight stagnation, enhance engagement and reduce bias

General employees excluding upper management:

  • Focuses on bringing one's whole self and story authentically to the workplace

  • Helps participants understand how their unique experiences and perspectives can drive innovation

  • Provides tools for using storytelling to create a greater sense of their value as individuals and as a team

  • Provides incentives to increase collaboration, fight stagnation, enhance engagement and reduce bias

  • Provides practical for reconciling dissonances

  • Interactive anonymous polling activities included


Rebel Against The Predictable

An Interactive Design Thinking Workshop to
Harness the Power of Storytelling for Innovation

Are you ready to embrace change and empower your team to innovate using design thinking methodologies, technology and storytelling? This interactive workshop is for companies looking to activate innovation, enhance engagement, celebrate authenticity, and reduce bias.

During this hands-on session, participants will:

  • Understand the three pillars of innovation and how to activate them through storytelling

  • Explore the power of storytelling to spark creative problem-solving and inspire teams

  • Engage in interactive activities that tap into various learning preferences and stimulate innovation

  • Learn how to use design thinking methodologies to drive sustainable success

  • Discover the importance of celebrating authenticity and reducing bias in the workplace

  • Gain insights on how to reignite growth and enhance engagement within their organization


Join us to experience the unfamiliar, embrace change, and rebel against the predictable to unlock your team's innovation potential


Become Your Own Hero

Unveil Your True Values and Embrace Your Agency

The stories we internalize about ourselves hold immense power to dictate our lives through our choices, actions, and our sense of self. Delve into the power of personal storytelling to uncover your authentic values, tap into your potential, and step into your role as the architect of your life's story.


Navigating the complexities of modern life calls for a strong sense of personal and professional integrity that is required to reach our highest potential. This captivating talk will encourage you to:


  • Identify the present prevailing narrative shaping your self perception

  • Discern the source and intention behind that narrative

  • Feel empowered to challenge limiting beliefs 

  • Reclaim the innate agency to author your identity and inspire your actions

  • Ignite feelings of empowerment and motivation to create an authentic and purposeful life story

  • Experience a surge of motivation and empowerment from a newfound sense of self and purpose


Benefits of this talk include:


  • Enhanced engagement: Foster connection through authenticity

  • Improved culture: Promote inclusivity and positivity

  • Boosted productivity: Increase motivation with value alignment

  • Better collaboration: Encourage communication via self-expression

  • Increased retention: Cultivate commitment by valuing growth

  • Positive reputation: Attract opportunities with personal empowerment

 "...[Liz's] performance and her capacity to maintain the audience's attention were both outstanding. Liz's eloquence and vibrant personality made her the ideal option for the role, and she contributed to the conference's overall success. Liz is someone I would work with again and whom I wholeheartedlysuggest to anyone as they will not be disappointed.”

Lotoya Smith,

Caribbean Utilities Company

"Elizabeth's value add to my organization was clear and high. The business case for hiring her was easy to make after just one meeting with her. My company members felt heard and respected at every level because of her thoughtfulness and professionalism."

Kacey Mobley,

Cayman Islands Government

"Having invited Liz to speak as part of a number of courses, workshops, and panels, I can attest to the passion and candidness that she brings to all engagements. Her knowledge, openness, and engagement make her a valuable addition to any syllabus or conversation."

Kate Stahl,

New York University

Mies Van Der Rohe. “Less is more_edited.jpg


Image by Adam Birkett


My project-1-4_edited.png

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